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At Spring Valley Dental Care in Maywood, NJ, we love incorporating the latest advances in dental technology into our practice. Take a look at some of what we have to offer — and call or book your appointment online so you can reap the benefits!

Intra-Oral Scanner

Forget about the gooey dental molds you may be used to. Now, we use a digital intra-oral scanner to create a computerized model of your mouth that we use to guide our work on cosmetic procedures or Invisalign. You’ll be amazed by the higher level of accuracy and quality — and the faster turnaround times!

Digital Imaging & 3D X-Rays

We’re bringing dental imaging into the modern era. Instead of old-fashioned traditional film x-rays, we use digital scanners like Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT. This allows us to take a 3D image of the inside of your teeth for more accurate and effective treatment outcomes. Plus, when we do take 2D x-rays, they’re all digital — which means you’re exposed to 90 percent less radiation and enjoy faster, clearer results!

Additional Products

We use premium materials in all of our work. This includes:

  • High-quality filling materials like tooth-colored dental composite
  • Crowns made from zirconia or high-quality ceramic
  • Strong, long-lasting titanium dental implants

Plus, our dental lab is based in the USA, in California, and offers overnight shipping and digital image sharing for a faster turnaround.

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