Why choose Spring Valley Dental Care

In-House IV Conscious Sedation

IV sedation lets you relax and not even realize the procedure has already been completed. You won’t have to wait several months for an expensive anesthesiologist to become available for your appointment. Instead, we deliver IV sedation with our in-house licensed IV sedation doctor and trained team.

Digital Workflow

We use a digital scanner for impressions and a completely digital workflow for the restoration of your dental implants to avoid errors pertaining to unnecessary statutes and uncomfortable molds.

Quality Under One Roof

Our office is responsible for your dental implants from start to finish, so you won’t have to spend more and waste time traveling from office to office.

Premium Parts

We use a quality lab, Glidewell Laboratories, and Hiossen Implants as our implant manufacturer.

Custom Treatment Plans

If an implant is not the right therapy for you, we will suggest other alternatives such as dental bridges. We don’t force implants on you if they are not right for you. We will never mislead you or trick you into unnecessary and costly mistakes with your oral health. Some implant dentists will rush into placing implants on patients with periodontal disease not realizing that their mouth was not yet clean enough to undergo the implant surgery.

Proper Depth

One of the biggest secrets to a healthy implant involves placing them at the proper depth. While this might sound like a no-brainer, especially for a so-called “Specialist” or “Implant Dentist,” many are unfamiliar with the proper depth of placing an implant. One to two millimeters can be all the difference between a successful and failed implant. Patients with thin gums need their implants placed, not just within the bone, but one or two millimeters deeper to further insulate them from the oral cavity. Slightly deeper crown connections allow for a longer-lasting, healthier implant, safe from bacteria. Our team is well-versed in the most up-to-date research and innovations. At Spring Valley Dental Care we are always on the cutting edge!

Custom Parts

Other implant centers may be using re-used parts like healing collars. After going through the sterilizer these parts might be clean but also contain micro-abrasions that become a nidus for bacteria and inhibit healthy gum attachments. Some dentists also use stock abutments that do not conform to the anatomy of each individual’s gums and jawbone. This makes them harder to clean and easier for gums and bone to become irritated, leading to failed implants.

Medical & Dental Insurance

Spring Valley Dental Care is more affordable than other offices because everything is completed under one roof. We will work with your dental and/or medical insurance to maximize your benefits! A long-lasting product also means that you only have to pay once instead of needing to redo shotty work in the future.

Gentle Touch

Whether you opt for IV sedation or not, we promise to deliver a quality product with a gentle touch!

An Office That Cares

At Spring Valley Dental Care we are with you every step of the way. From verifying your insurance to following up with you by phone or text to check on you after each appointment, we want to ensure that you have all the knowledge and care you need to feel comfortable! Other dental offices do not listen carefully to their patient’s concerns and rush to get to their next patient. They don’t check on you to see if you need further assistance or have further questions.

New Patients & Emergency Appointments Welcome!