Dental Fillings in Spring Valley

Many people who have visited the dentist have had to get a filling for a cavity at some point. However, this is not the only use of fillings in repairing or protecting teeth. Most people only know fillings to be good for protecting cavities from getting worse. Although this is most definitely a great way to utilize fillings, they can also be used to do much more than just protect your teeth from decaying further.

Fillings can be used to change the appearance of your existing teeth. They can also be used to repair and improve the appearance of damaged teeth. Dental fillings can help restore the look of cracked, broken or misshapen teeth. The composite material used for fillings is tooth-colored and can be used to fill in the areas of a tooth that needs repairs. The fillings will blend in with your smile and could save your broken or damaged teeth from getting worse. Using fillings to help improve your smile is a great way to restore and protect your teeth.

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