Relaxing throughout your dental visit can be more difficult for some patients than for others. At Spring Valley Dental Care we want you to have the best experience possible – that is why we offer sedation dentistry. Making you feel completely relaxed and at ease, sedation can help you get through a short visit or extensive treatment.

  • Numbing Your Mouth – Dr. Mady or Dr. Lunger will make sure your mouth is completely numb in the area they will be working before applying any treatment. The is not a form of sedation, however this is a step we will always take before giving sedation to ensure you have a pain-free visit.
  • Nitrous Sedation – Also known as laughing gas, nitrous sedation is offered at Spring Valley Dental Care at no cost to you! After applying a face mask, the nitrous sedation will take effect almost immediately. Nitrous sedation helps you feel deeply relaxed during your entire appointment. Once the appointment has ended, Dr. Mady or Dr. Lunger will remove the mask and the sedation will wear off within minutes.
  • Oral Sedation – This form of sedation is stronger than nitrous sedation and will require you to bring along a driver to take you home following your appointment. Taken orally, this sedation also takes effect quickly and lasts for hours allowing you to remain at ease throughout your entire visit.
  • Deep Sedation/Sleep Dentistry – For more extensive treatment such as the removal of wisdom teeth, implants, or if you just prefer not to be awake during a procedure, we offer deep sedation that will put you to sleep during the entire visit. A designated driver will need to accompany you at this visit to help you get home. Sleep dentistry can make any appointment a breeze and help you get the treatment you need without feeling uncomfortable.

If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Maywood, New Jersey, your search can end at Spring Valley Dental Care. Call our office today to set up a free sedation consultation! Get the treatment you need while being completely relaxed throughout your entire visit!