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If you suffer from gaps in your teeth or have missing teeth, implants may be the answer to restoring your smile! Making life easier and smiling more enjoyable, implants can renew your smile and help you regain your confidence. More advanced than ever before, dental implants are designed to replace your missing teeth and give you full function of your smile again. All-on-4 is one form of implants that can be used to replace all of your teeth. If you are interested in dental implants, we provide a free implant consultation! Call Mady Dental today to set up a Free Consultation to find out if implants are right for you.

Dr. Mady’s passion is to help people who live with missing teeth restore their smiles. He enjoys placing implants and educating others on implant dentistry, as well as train fellow dentists on placing implants!

Dental implants take the place of a missing tooth. An implant is made up of the anchor, post and dental crown – providing a solid, natural-looking replacement to fill in the gap from your missing tooth.

Yes, depending on how many teeth are missing you may want to consider individual implants or All-On-4’s. Individual implants replace just one tooth at a time, whereas All-On-4’s replace all of the teeth without an extensive amount of work.

All-On-4 is a form of implants that is used when you are missing all of your teeth. Rather than needing an implant placed for each missing tooth, crowns can be placed in the mouth to replace all of your teeth by using just four implants on the upper jaw and four implants on the lower jaw.

From start to finish, the implant process is done in three steps and can take a few months. The anchors are placed in the jaw and take time before they are ready for the placement of the posts. Once the posts are in place, dental crowns are custom-made for you and are then placed on top of the posts. This process ensures a smile that will last for years to come and is a solution to your missing teeth! Dental implants are a great alternative to dentures if you are looking for something that is permanent.

Patients have chosen implants over dentures due to the fact that they are permanently set in place, look completely natural and are very durable. Once they are in place, you can have the look and feel of a completely permanent smile.

At Mady Dental, we provide an implant consultation for free! Call us today to set up an appointment at no cost to you and find out if dental implants are the right solution for your smile.

  • Manage your entire dental implant procedure from start to finish at one office, with the same doctor.
  • No more referrals and multiple doctors – one doctor to treat one tooth saves you money.
  • Dr. Mady and Dr. Lunger are experts in the complete dental implant tooth replacement and restoration process.


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“I am a terrible patient at the dentist, I needed a crown and just completed the process Saturday. Dr. Mady was terrific, he walked me through the process every step of the way and it went perfectly. I have been going to this dentist for a long time and would not go anywhere else. Big thanks to Dr. Mady and his staff for making this easier than I ever imagined it would be. Thanks for the Saturday night phone call from Dr. Mady to see how I was doing.”

– Roseann V., Google

“I had so many problems with our dentists and hated having to go, until I found Dr. Mady. Dr. Mady is so nice and helpful. If I ever have a problem he always calls me back as early as he possibly can. He cares a lot about his patients. I’ve already recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Don’t mind going to the dentist as long as it’s Dr. Mady.”

– Nicole S., Yelp